"We appreciate conflicts, because they show that something in a community has become unbalanced." -HEidrun-

"I have again become an important part of this community, which has strengthened my personal development and my soul." -Marcel-

"What touches me most about this work is how people's perceptions change. The idea that the other person is a monster with whom it is impossible to live together in peace, is changing and the humanity of the other becomes visible. The participants in the circle discover that they share basic human qualities. In fact, they experience a connection to fundamental values of life. " -Dominic Barter-

"Empathy is one of the conditions for connecting with myself and then acting in a way that does not create an alienating distance, but brings people together and brings forth strength and liveliness. We create the conditions we want to live with. "-Gisela-

"cautiously formulated, The number [of expulsions from School] has gone to zero, due to the difficulties that we can work on in the Restorative Circle [...].It has been one of my most meaningful investments in the recent years. " -Mathias Links-Deputy principal of BBZ Mölln

"I've been at this school for 30 years - it's only now that we have a sense of cohesiveness, now I have a sense of belongingness to this community." -Ingeborg-

"We have come to appreciate this form of conflict support very much and are touched again after each circle, surprised and enthusiastic, how and that the conflict can turn out to be constructive!" -Nino-

"I could not have imagined that conflicts can be resolved without guilt and punishment, so that there is the opportunity to grow, a growth based on appreciation rather than submission to one's own needs." - Anja-

Since our last Restorative Circle we are finally reunited in class, before That we had Two or Three hardened fronts, like a battle zone. Now we are planning activities and seeing each other again as people with all our vulnerabilities and strengths. " -Lena-