Restorative Circles

My fascination from the beginning was that I was able to find out in the circle talks that conflicts may be and at the same time a sense of belonging developed in this community.For Me The beauty also comes from the fact that the Restorative Circles are so easy. We do not need special techniques. It is enough that people are present in a circle.-Heidrun-

How fast does it happen that we humans judge and exclude each other? What inspires me about the Restorative Circles is the possibility to build bridges, to create a culture of dialogue and to bring people together. Through communicating in circles, people experience that they have much more in common than dividing commonalities.All who are involved in a conflict contribute to the solution without anyone being overlooked.For me it is a model that involves ALL people and that is my vision for our society.-Matthias-

The Restorative Circles have inspired me with their simplicity, the flexibility of the model, which is adapted to the needs and circumstances of each conflict.The hierarchies that we often experience in our everyday lives fall.People meet at eye level. Everyone is valued in what they bring.-Fabian-