What are the Restorative Circles?-Justice of Hearts-

The Restorative Circles are a systemic conflict resolution model in the form of Circle Talks/Discussion Groups. Communities and groups are supported in constructively addressing and learning from conflicts. The Process of a Restorative Circle is an unparalleled process involving all those directly or indirectly involved in the conflict.

They are accessible to all conflicts and applicable in all Realms of life and are available to all members of the community. They are adapted as far as possible to the needs of the participants and the conflict. The participants can meet at eye level, hear each other, begin to understand each other and thus experience the humanity of the other. This is the special prerequisite for finding solutions to conflicts. the needs of all involved are considered. This gives the chance of lasting communication.

A Restorative circle is a process that helps communities and groups constructively engage and learn from conflicts. it is a systemic conflict resolution model.it is a process involving all those directly or indirectly involved in the conflict. For a community to benefit from this process, it is important for it to see and experience itself as a "community".

The process of A Circle begins when we realize that everything concerning you also affects me. In that moment, we can come together and consciously decide to care for each other. The Restorative Circles are accessible to all conflicts and applicable in all Realms of life and are available to all members of the community and are adapted as necessary to the needs of the participants ("People are more important than the method").

The Restorative Circles bring together all those involved in a conflict in a circle.These can be family members, friends, colleagues, police officers, social workers, etc.Everyone comes voluntarily, with the intention of taking responsibility for what has happened and what is coming. This intention gets the process going.

The entire process of a Restorative Circle is divided into three circles and a circle for the Circle Companions / Facilitators. 1. Pre Circle / Preliminary Talk 2. Main Circle / main circle 3. Post Circle / debriefing. Decisive in this model are the additional Pre Circles for the Facilitators. There it is ensured that the Facilitators Enter the Main Circle without Judgement or Preoccupation about the participants, the process or themselves.

The actual circle Talk, within the Main Circle, consists of three phases: a) Mutual understanding:Using a dialogue process that helps The Participants to be heard what the conflict means to them and what it is all about. b) self-responsibility:Communication of what was going on the inside when they decided to act. c) Action plan:Agreement on the next steps that participants want to Take on including a Timeframe when the Steps will be taken. Facilitators ensure that people in their circle "really" understand each other. They support the above-mentioned phases in order to find common solutions.It opens up a space in which the participants are assisted by the Facilitators to connect with themselves, their empathy and the other.The value of the Restorative Circles lies in the whole process! It serves all present and beyond the whole community.Collective healing through collective learning!

Objectives of the Restorative Circles can be● significant learning experiences● empathy ability● Dialogue culture● Security and protection● an improvement of the social climate● Strengthening the community

The Restorative Circles model was developed by Dominic Barter in 1994 in Brazil. It shows new ways to self-responsibility and healing.In 2010, Barter's approach was Awarded by the"NESTA Foundation" in the UK. According to the report, it was one of the "10 most effective social" projects worldwide, which at the same time requires the least amount of financial resources.